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The Therapist Financial Toolkit gives you everything you need to be financially confident in private practice.

For only $47, you receive the entire course curriculum and tools!

Hi, I'm Lindsey!

My friend Aron and I are licensed marriage and family therapists.

Several years ago Aron created some phenomenal financial tools that he graciously shared with me. They helped me IMMENSELY in starting and growing my private practice.

I've finally convinced him to share these tools with you through this online course!

I want you to have the same confidence these tools gave me!

Take a look below at each tool and description.

Aron and I want you to be successful whether you are just starting out, dreaming of launching your own private practice or if you have been seeing clients for years!!

We are so happy to give you the opportunity to use these tools and we can't wait to hear how it helps your practice!

Much love-

Lindsey and Aron (and Mariam too! You will find out more about her in future online courses.)

Co-founders of inRelationship

The Entire Toolkit is Yours For Only $47.00!

Income Projection Calculator

Income Projection Calculator

Discover how many clients and how many sessions you need to make the income you want. Includes hidden costs that are easy to miss. Aron used this to know when he could quit his job and move to private practice full time. Recently, I used the calculator to help me know if it was profitable to bring on an intern. So helpful!

Monthly Income Tracker

I use this every month to track how much to pay myself, how much I need to set aside for PTO and taxes, which clients owe fees and more. Every April I give this form to my accountant as it contains everything he needs. It is so brilliant! You will be so thankful you have this!

CEU Tracker

This is a fun bonus that helps you keep up with your required CEUs each year. It's easy and simple to use!