Feel Fully Prepared for the MFT National Licensure Exam

This course is designed to help you maximize your studying efforts, turn complicated information into more easily understandable chunks, and provide you with tools to assist both your study and review of all the information required for the exam.

The course is broken down into 9 Modules to easily allow you to replay specific areas for study and assistance. Practice quizzes are provided to help maximize your study by building associations between names, concepts, and details.

Examples and walkthroughs of multiple choice answers help you easily break down possible options into more easily identify the right one.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to apply for the test
  • How to prepare yourself for the exam
  • What to expect in the testing room
  • Practice quizzes for multiple areas of study
  • How to break down multiple choice answers to easily find the right one
  • The 7 kind of questions on the exam with practice examples of each kind
  • Specific information on the areas the exam covers and how many questions are in each section
  • Organized study areas with exact content you need study with chapters numbers to maximize your effort
  • Important Names you need to know for the test with cheat sheet
  • An overview of MFT Theories with their similarities and differences and how to tell them apart
  • MFT Theories Cheat Sheet
  • Diagnosing overview with major diagnoses common on the test
  • DSM-V Diagnoses Criteria Cheat Sheet
  • HIPAA easily explained with cheat sheet

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Meet Your Instructor: Aron Strong, LMFT

Helping couples and individuals find the life they are longing for is Aron's greatest passion. He is an AAMFT Approved Supervisor in training and oversees all aspects of Pathways growth and development.

Aron's experience includes nearly two decades of professional counseling, pastoral experience, and organizational leadership.